National Electrification Programme
Ethiopia’s electrification program presents the government action
plan for achieving universal electricity access nation wide by 2025.
Demystifying Ethiopia
Ethiopia: one of the fastest growing economies in the world, has one of the biggest market potential for off-grid solar products.
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The Ethiopia Solar Offgrid Energy is a virtual platform designed to serve as a source of up-to-date information and dissemination centre for industries, service providers, entrepreneurs, consultants, investors, policy-makers, government administrators, development partners, and others engaged in the off-grid energy sector in Ethiopia.


The main objective of the information portal is to support the government ambition to achieve universal electrification by 2025 by providing timely information necessary to enable all stakeholders efficiently play their roles.

The Off-grid energy portal provides:

  1. A constantly updated “one-stop information center” about all issues related to off-grid energy in Ethiopia for all stakeholders
  2. Current information on the evolving business regulatory environment in Ethiopia
  3. Cutting edge knowledge and updates on developments about the fast-changing technological developments in the off-grid renewable energy space
  4. Platform to learn about the work of all stakeholders and to promote collaboration while minimizing duplication of efforts
  5. Advocacy for better policies that enable the private sector to play its part in achieving universal electrification


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