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Precise Consult’s “Use of PUE in Poultry and Dairy Sectors to Increase Productivity” Reports Published

Precise Consult in collaboration with SELCO Foundation and Global SDG7 Hubs published two reports examining how the use of productive use energy(PUE) affects productivity of smallholder farmers in poultry and dairy sectors.

The poultry sector, which mainly includes the production of chicken meat and eggs, is one of the fast-growing agricultural sub-sectors in Ethiopia, a new study.

According to the study conducted by Precise Consult and its partners, the key challenges with the highest impact on smallholder poultry production productivity are inefficient incubation caused by inconsistent electricity supply, decreased productivity due to intermittent lighting and heating, and the absence of cold storage services for poultry products.

  • Backyard poultry production systems account for 89% of the total chicken population.
  • The large-scale poultry production system accounts for 3% of the total chicken population in the country.

In the dairy sector, the reports mentions that smallholder farmers milk their cows twice a day and sell it to collectors which can be rejected due to low quality because of the lack of storage. Precise consult and it’s partners GlobalSDG7 Hubs explored solar energy solutions to tackle such challenges in the report.

To read the full report:-  [HERE]

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