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Ethiopia Agrees with Two Companies To Certify Imported Solar Products

The Government of Ethiopia has appointed two international companies to certify solar products and spare parts before shipment of the products into the country.

The Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration of Ethiopia said that it has selected Bureau Veritas, and Cotecna to certify the products and issue certificate for all solar products and spare parts. It is stated that the two companies are selected and agreement was signed on January 25, 2022 after they won the international bid the Ministry has announced lately.

From now onwards all importers of solar products and spare parts have to show certificate of quality assurance from one of the two international companies – Bureau Veritas or Cotecna, according to the Ministry, which quoted Mr. Eyasu Simon, director of import-export merchandizes at the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration.

He indicated that the country will return back to the exporting country any solar products and spare parts which are not certified by the two international companies. He urged all importers of solar products in Ethiopia to be aware of the new regulation.

Meanwhile the Ministry didn’t mention how it will treat solar products and spare parts that are already shipped to Ethiopia before the new regulation.

The reason Ethiopia has appointed Bureau Veritas, and Cotecna to do the laboratory testing and certification is because the country doesn’t have the capacity to do the testing and certification and takes long period, according to the justification of the Ministry.

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