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Optimized and affordable sourcing solution for solar lighting product assemblers and manufactures: Introducing China Impact Sourcing

The Ethiopia Energy Market Accelerator (EMA) successfully organized a webinar to introduce China Impact Sourcing (CIS), a supply chain solutions provider to solar lighting product assemblers and manufacturers.

The objective of the webinar was to introduce affordable sourcing of quality solar lighting components and kits from China using China Impact Sourcing advisory support to existing and potential solar lighting product assemblers and manufacturers and introduce China Impact Sourcing’s business model, service offerings, and expected benefits of using CIS services.

The webinar held on July 30, 2020, was facilitated by Precise Managing Partner and EMA Strategic lead, Henok Assefa, and featured a presentation from China Impact Sourcing CEO, Nancy Lu. Participants had the opportunity to engage and ask follow-on questions to the presenter.

Ethiopia, the 3rd largest market for off-grid solar faces several challenges constraining the private sector from addressing this demand and contributing to universal access. Among others, a severe shortage of foreign exchange and supply chain management issues constrain the private sector and ultimately make quality lighting products unaffordable for consumers especially for consumers at the lower base of the pyramid. Furthermore, it exposes the sector to counter-fit products. One way to mitigate the foreign exchange challenge is through the local assembly of solar lighting products and value addition. An integral part of EMA’s work involve tackling the sector’s foreign exchange and affordability challenges by introducing innovative sector level solutions intended to support local value addition. In addition, EMA works to reduce policy and access to finance challenges constraining the sector and disseminates market-moving insights to inform the decision of policymakers, development organizations, private investors, and other relevant sector stakeholders.

The webinar session introduced efficient business models that reduce the cost of sourcing quality parts and components from China with effective supply chain management strategies. This is expected to increase the number of solar product components and kit import to the country and optimize competitiveness in the supply chain as well as encourage local assembly business.  The platform induces knowledge-based sourcing practices to be adapted by off-grid solar lighting products importers and assemblers.

To find out more about the sourcing solution, please contact the EMA team in the contacts provided below.

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