National Electrification Programme
Ethiopia’s electrification program presents the government action
plan for achieving universal electricity access nation wide by 2025.
Demystifying Ethiopia
Ethiopia: one of the fastest growing economies in the world, has one of the biggest market potential for off-grid solar products.
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Technology, the World Pass by Ethiopia

From off-grid solar power to mobile money solutions for the unbanked, technology is allowing countries in Africa to solve critical development challenges. Unfortunately, it is a handful of countries on the continent that are using technology to understand the needs of their communities to innovate, address problems and drive sustainable growth. These nations are adopting modern tools that have been implemented in the developed world, such as online payment systems and practical tech skill development that ease transaction and make it possible to buy items across borders.

The contributions of science and technology to foster sustainable development cannot be overemphasized. Through evolution and revolution of science and technology, the world has achieved advancement in infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, health, education, communication, finance, entertainment, transport, agriculture and environmental protection.

Source: https://addisfortune.news/technology-the-world-pass-by-ethiopia/

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